2. ║▌║ BlockDAG Scan (Explorer)

Weeks 1-2 (May 24 - Jun 6)

  • Wireframe Design: Creating preliminary designs and layouts for the blockchain explorer interface, focusing on user experience and data presentation.

Weeks 3-4 (Jun 7 - Jun 20)

  • UI Designing: Crafting the visual elements of the explorer's interface, ensuring clarity and accessibility of information.

Weeks 4-6 (Jun 21 - Jul 11)

  • Dashboard, Blocks, and Transactions: Developing dynamic components to display real-time blockchain data, including the latest blocks and transaction details.

Weeks 6-8 (Jul 12 - Aug 1)

  • BlockDAG Nodes and Smart Contract Transactions: Integrating visualizations for node activity and specific interfaces for viewing smart contract transactions.

Weeks 8-9 (Aug 2 - Aug 15)

  • Testnet Faucet, Token Page: Implementing a testnet faucet for users to obtain test tokens and creating detailed pages for token economics and statistics.

Weeks 9-10 (Aug 16 - Aug 29)

  • Asset Balances and NFT Dashboard: Setting up features to monitor crypto-asset balances and a specialized dashboard for NFT activities.

Week 10 (Aug 30 - Sep 5)

  • NFT Contract Support: Adding support for NFT smart contracts to enable tracking and management within the explorer.

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