📶How to Mine BDAG?

Here’s the breakdown of the process of how to mine on BlockDAG. Make sure you follow each step carefully.

Step 1: Set Up Your Hardware

  • To start mining, set up your hardware first. Here, we will use ASIC Miner to get started.

  • Ensure a stable power supply for ASIC miners. Connect it to a reliable power supply so it can’t experience interrupted operations.

  • As ASIC miners don't have direct access to WiFi, try to connect them directly to Ethernet cables. By doing so, a stable and fast connection will be maintained to help efficient mining.

Step 2: Establish Network Connection

  • Once your hardware is set up, fix a proper network connection for better performance.

  • Ensure each ASIC is recognised on local networks. It ensures they can communicate easily with each other and the mining pool.

Step 3: Mining Pool Configuration

  • Mining pools share the rewards within your network, so connecting ASIC miners to a mining pool is necessary.

  • Log in to the control panel of each ASIC Miner and fill out the required fields to connect the mining pool. These include protocols, Addresses, usernames, and other relevant information.

  • Confirm that the miners' control panel is ready to perform. Check connection and configuration before starting.

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