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The X1 Miner App represents a cutting-edge interface within the BlockDAG ecosystem, designed to streamline the process of cryptocurrency mining and enhance user interaction with digital assets. This application provides a robust platform for both novice and seasoned miners to engage in mining operations, manage transactions, and increase their digital holdings through intuitive navigation and comprehensive tools.

The app enables users to mine up to 20 BDAG coins daily, with potential increases by referring additional users. Additionally, the potential for earning increases as users invite new miners to the platform. The mining rate can be boosted significantly if the referred users are also actively mining. This feature fosters a community-driven mining effort, enhancing productivity and rewards.

Network Testing

The X1 Miner App is actively operational, allowing users to begin mining immediately on the BlockDAG Development Network (Devnet). This initial stage is critical for evaluating and optimizing the software within a secure environment.

Following this phase, mined BDAG coins will transition first to the Testnet and subsequently to the Mainnet. Each phase is meticulously planned to ensure robustness and user-centricity, culminating in a Mainnet where users can securely manage and trade their BDAG assets.

Key Features

User Onboarding: Quick registration is available where users can sign up using their phone number, allowing instant access to the mining functionalities.

Simplified Mining: The "Activate BlockDAG X1" button enables users to commence a mining session, earning 0.83 BDAG coins per hour without depleting device resources.

Referral Rewards: A referral system enhances mining earnings; referring new users who start mining adds additional BDAG coins per hour to the referrer’s account, promoting community growth.

Leaderboard: A competitive element is added with a leaderboard that displays the top 50 earners, updating in real-time to reflect users’ standings and foster a competitive environment.

Customizable Settings: Users can adjust their profile settings within the app, managing details like username and account information securely, which underscores BlockDAG’s commitment to user privacy.

Phases of Operation

Devnet to Mainnet Transition:

  • Devnet Phase: Users start mining in a developmental environment where the BDAG coins are not yet tradable but are crucial for testing and refining the mining process.

  • Testnet Phase: Following the Devnet, the application moves to the Testnet, a more refined environment that simulates the Mainnet but is still primarily for final adjustments.

  • Mainnet Launch: The culmination of these phases is the Mainnet, where mined BDAG coins become tangible assets that users can trade, sell, or use within the BlockDAG ecosystem.

Earning Mechanics and Rewards

Daily Engagement: To maximize their mining potential, users are required to interact with the app once every 24 hours, which reinforces daily interaction and continuous participation in the BlockDAG community.

Earnings and Withdrawals: Once the Mainnet is live, users can withdraw their BDAG coins, which will then function as actual currency within the broader cryptocurrency market.

Security and User Support

Built-in Security: The app is developed with high-security standards, ensuring that user data is protected and that the mining process remains fair and transparent.

Support and Feedback: Users can easily access support through the app and provide feedback, which helps improve the app's functionality and user experience.

Community Interaction: Although the current version of the app lacks a built-in community forum, future updates are expected to include features that allow user interaction, fostering a more connected user base.

Get Started with X1 Miner App

Home Screen: The Home Screen serves as the central command centre of the X1 Miner App. Here, users can:

  • Start Mining: By tapping the "Activate BlockDAG X1" button, users initiate the mining process, which is the core functionality of the app. This feature is prominently displayed, ensuring easy access for users wanting to earn BDAG coins.

  • View BDAG Balance: The current balance of BDAG coins is visible at the top of the screen, allowing users to quickly assess their mining earnings.

  • Session Timer: Below the activation button, there’s a countdown timer that shows how much time is left until the next mining session can begin. This helps users plan when they need to return to the app to maximize their mining efficiency.

Side Menu: The Side Menu is accessible top left of the Home Screen. It slides out to provide access to several other sections of the app:

  • Home: Redirects users back to the main dashboard.

  • Group: Where users can manage group settings or see group mining stats.

  • Leaderboard: Takes users to the leaderboard section, where they can see how they stack up against other miners.

  • Settings: Allows users to adjust their account settings, such as username and notification preferences.

  • FAQ: Answers common questions and provides troubleshooting help.

  • Sign Out: For securely logging out of the app.

Leaderboard Functionality

The Leaderboard is a motivational tool that fosters a sense of competition and community among the users of the X1 Miner App. It is designed with the following features:

  • Filter Options: Users can toggle between three-time frames—week, Month, and Year—using tabs at the top of the leaderboard screen. This lets users view the top earners for each specific period, adding a dynamic and competitive element to mining.

  • User Rankings: The leaderboard displays a list of usernames along with their respective BDAG earnings. It shows each user's rank based on the amount of BDAG they have mined, providing clear visibility of performance.

  • Real-Time Updates: The rankings update in real-time, ensuring that the leaderboard always reflects the most current data. This feature helps maintain an active and engaged user base, as users can see immediate results of their mining efforts.


Step 1: Follow the link from the website for the X1 Miner App.

Step 2: Register/login to your account.

Step 3: After login, access the X1 Miner App dashboard to start mining.

For Android

Step 1: Follow the link from the website for downloading the X1 Miner App.

Step 2: The link will redirect you to the application.

Step 3: Install the app and start mining!

For more information, head over to the X1 user manual below:

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