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How are we mining without the blockchain being live?

We are currently mining on the devnet, which is already active. The coins mined during this phase will later be migrated to the Testnet and subsequently to the mainnet once it is launched.

How can I claim my coins after mining?

We will soon be adding a wallet feature to the app where you can migrate your minted coins. This will be in line with our Testnet and Mainnet release.

When will I get my coins?

You will receive your coins after the migration to the Mainnet.

How do I see my mined coins on my presale dashboard?

Currently, there is no way to view mined coins on the presale dashboard. We will work on implementing a feature that will allow you to view both the mined coins and the coins you have purchased on the presale dashboard.

From which coins is the mining is it from the presale allocation?

The mining pool for BDAG coins is located where it can effectively support the network's operations. Miners are rewarded with 78.8 billion coins, constituting 80% of the Community Coins, incentivizing their crucial role in maintaining the network's integrity and functionality.

What if I lose access to my mobile number and can't access my account on the App?

If you lose access to the mobile number registered with your account, please contact us at support@blockdag.network for assistance. Currently, logging in or registering requires a mobile number, and our team is ready to help you regain access.

How do I increase my mining rate with the BlockDAG X1 App?

To increase your mining rate with the BlockDAG X1 App, you can boost your mining power by referring peers. As long as they are actively mining, your mining rate will increase. If your mining rate on the main page displays more than 0.83 BDAG/hour, it indicates that at least one of your referred peers is actively mining.

What are the system requirements for the BlockDAG X1 App?

The BlockDAG X1 App is compatible with any iOS/ Android smartphone running Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or later, and iOS version 12.4 or later.

How often will the BlockDAG X1 App be updated?

We aim to release regular updates for the BlockDAG X1 App to address any bugs and ensure it remains up to date. These updates will also introduce new features as per our official roadmap.

How secure is the BlockDAG X1 App?

The BlockDAG X1 App is designed with security in mind. We do not require any special permissions from users, and all data within the app is encrypted to ensure its security.

How does the referral system work in the BlockDAG X1 App?

In the BlockDAG X1 App, you can access your referral code by navigating to the Settings Menu > Group. Share this code using the 'Share Link' button located at the bottom of the screen. When your peers join using your code and actively mine, you will receive additional boosting power for your own mining activities.

What are the benefits of engaging daily with the BlockDAG X1 App?

Engaging daily with the BlockDAG X1 App offers several benefits. Logging into the app every 24 hours maximizes your potential mining rewards. Mining stops after 24 hours, so by tapping and engaging with the app daily, you can increase your overall mining amount.

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make with the BlockDAG X1 App?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make with the BlockDAG X1 App. We encourage you to refer as many people as possible to maximize your mining power.

Can I use multiple devices to mine with the BlockDAG X1 App?

Yes, you can use multiple devices to mine with the BlockDAG X1 App. If you have multiple devices with different phone numbers, you can refer yourself to boost your mining rate.

How can I withdraw or use the BDAG coins I mine with the BlockDAG X1 App?

Once BlockDAG is officially launched on the Mainnet, you will be able to withdraw and trade the BDAG coins you mine using the BlockDAG X1 App.

Will using the BlockDAG X1 App affect my smartphone's performance?

Using the BlockDAG X1 App will not affect your smartphone's performance, as it does not consume CPU or GPU resources. The app operates on a proof of engagement basis—simply log in and tap the Activate button every 24 hours.

How can I provide feedback or report issues with the BlockDAG X1 App?

To provide feedback or report issues with the BlockDAG X1 App, navigate to the Settings tab and select the Support option. Clicking on this module will open a pop-up containing our support email address (support@blockdag.network). You can use this email address to send us any kind of issue or feedback.

Is there a community or forum where users of the BlockDAG X1 App can interact?

Currently, the BlockDAG X1 App does not have a built-in feature for community interaction or forums where users can interact with each other. However, this feature may be considered in future developments.

What measures does the BlockDAG X1 App take to ensure fair mining practices?

The app's algorithm is designed to ensure fair mining rewards and status checks.

How can I stay updated on developments and news related to the BlockDAG X1 App?

For the latest updates and news related to the BlockDAG X1 App, please refer to our daily development releases. These updates contain all the information and news necessary for users regarding active development and ongoing research.

How does the referral system benefit users of the BlockDAG X1 App?

The referral system in the BlockDAG X1 App benefits users by allowing them to earn more BDAG coins based on the number of active referral sessions they have.

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