📣Presale and Launch

When did BDAG Presale Start?

BlockDAG Presale started in late December 2023

Why Should I Buy BlockDAG Coins During Presale?

Presales are a popular and known method of acquiring a large quantity of coins for a fraction of the actual amount before a public launch. So, if you buy BlockDAG coins during the ongoing presale, you can get the most ROI.

Why Is There A Presale Instead of an ICO?

Presales can be part of a tiered fundraising strategy. By selling tokens at a lower price initially, projects can raise funds to develop their platform or technology further before a full ICO or public offering.

Moreover, presale is conducted to test the market, attract strategic partners and address regulatory considerations. So, this presale allows the project to engage with a select group of early backers before a broader public offering.

What Is The Minimum Investment in BlockDAG Presale?

There is no minimum or maximum purchase required for individuals wishing to become a member of the BlockDAG Network. They have the flexibility to choose the amount of tokens they want to buy, as this approach is aimed to make the network more inclusive.

It allows participants to tailor their investment according to their financial capacity so they can take advantage of it to the fullest.

What Benefits Does BlockDAG Offer for Early Adopters?

Early investors stand to gain 10x potential returns, facilitated by reserved 33% token allocation. Furthermore, time is money for mining, and the number of miners is limited during the presale. Miners will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, underscoring the importance of early engagement in this process.

How Many Batches Does The Presale Have?

BlockDAG's presale is structured across 45 batches. Each batch likely represents a distinctive phase within the presale process, allowing for different opportunities, incentives or token pricing at each batch.

Is BlockDAG A Legitimate Presale?

Yes, the BlockDAG presale is truly legitimate, as is evident from the increasing number of people joining in. The increasing interest in BlockDAG indicates the project's reliability and reflects people's confidence in its potential success.

Can I Participate in Multiple Batches of The Presale?

Yes, you can participate in any presale batch. However, early-stage participants gain the greatest advantages, such as preferential token prices and potentially higher returns, making early engagements more favourable.

If The App Miner Is Not Bought Now in Presale Batches, Can They Still Get The App in The Play Store Later Without Paying for it?

Yes, if the app miner is not acquired during the presale batches, it will still be available for purchase on the App Store later. However, it's essential to note that acquiring the app miner during presale may offer certain advantages or discounts.

What Is The Purpose of Buying The Miner in The Presale If it Can Be Downloaded Later And You Can Mine?

The mining difficulty will eventually increase over time. Once the coins are mineable at a low difficulty level, Early Access will yield the highest outcome in coin rewards. The App is currently in the beta stage and is moving towards the alpha stage.

When Will BDAG be Available on Exchanges?

BDAG will be available on all CEX and DEX exchanges as soon as the presale ends. This broader availability ensures ease of access and liquidity for investors looking to engage with BDAG on various trading platforms.

When Will BlockDAG Network Launch its Mainnet?

BlockDAG will launch its mainnet after six months, the fastest of any crypto project. This accelerated timeline reflects BlockDAG's commitment to prompt and effective development, positioning the platform to provide users and investors with timely access to its operational network.

How Does Blockdag Plan to Create Scarcity And Value for Early Investors During The Presale?

During the presale, BlockDAG strategically designed measures to instil scarcity and amplify value for investors. The first and foremost aspect of this strategy is the limitation of token supply, which creates a sense of rarity and exclusivity.

Secondly, the project employs a tiered pricing structure so that early investors can use favourable rates to incentivise their early engagement. Lastly, the additional bonuses contribute to the project's overall value by offering early investors additional tokens, unique privileges, and special access within BlockDAG’s ecosystem.

Are There Any Exclusive Bonuses or Incentives for Larger Investors Or Early Adopters During The Presale?

Yes, early investors will get 10x potential returns on their investments. This exclusive opportunity promises lucrative returns and grants a substantial 33% token allocation, providing a strategic advantage in the market landscape.

How Does Blockdag Plan to Engage And Communicate With The Community During And After The Presale?

BlockDAG will engage and communicate with the community through official communication channels like social media platforms, newsletters, and the official website. Interactive sessions will also be organised to address queries and engage with users for better support.

How Will Participants Receive Their Tokens After Contributing to The Presale, And What Is The Estimated Timeline for Token Distribution?

Participants can receive their tokens by connecting their wallets to BDAG. The tokens will be airdropped to your account once the presale is completed and the claiming is active. The estimated timeline for token distribution depends upon the project’s development progress.

Why Is The Six-Month Timeline From Presale to Mainnet Launch Significant?

The six-month window for launching the mainnet underscores BlockDAG’s bold approach. In a sector where development timelines can often stretch across several years, BlockDAG’s assertive promise underscores its drive and operational vigour, putting BDAG on the leading edge of crypto innovation and offering early adopters a privileged glimpse into one of the swiftest blockchain evolutions.

What is the Vesting period of BlockDAG (BDAG)?

Certainly, we're committed to a strategic launch, with a vesting period to be thoroughly outlined in our upcoming technical whitepaper.

Our launch goal is ambitious to secure a top 50 position on the Coin Market Cap by a robust $100 Million in liquidity at launch.

This strategy fosters trust and stability, ensuring a solid foundation for our investors and community.

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