🎫BlockDAG Payment Card

How Can We Use The Card?

Using the card is easy. You will be able to apply for the card soon once the presale ends, and when you receive it, activate it following the instructions provided on the website:


Once applied, you can use it just like any other debit or credit card for online or in-store purchases, withdrawals at ATMs, and more.

We will inform you via an official announcement about the date when this option will be available for our community.

Does The BlockDAG Card Work With ATM Withdrawals?

The advanced BlockDAG card operates similarly to traditional debit or credit cards, enabling users to shop online or in person, take out cash from ATMs, and much more.

What Is The Deposit Fee With The BlockDAG Crypto Payment Card?

With a highly economical deposit fee starting from 1%, you can take advantage of convenient transactions with no cross-border fees for effortless and smooth international transactions.

Is There Any Annual Fee for The BlockDAG Payment Card?

No, the annual subscription to the BlockDAG payment card is totally free.

What Are The Benefits of BlockDAG Payment Card?

With a BlockDAG payment card, you can now use your cryptocurrencies for transactions, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDT and fiat currencies.

With an economical fee and free-of-charge annual subscription, the BlockDAG payment card allows you to do transactions virtually, where there would be no need to share your KYC details.

Lastly, with live conversion rates, be sure about the security and transparency of your payments, as no hidden fees are included.

Is There A Limit to The Number of BlockDAG Cards A User Can Have Linked to Their Account?

Yes, you can have only one card per wallet. However, each account can generate a maximum of 10 cards.

We offer a feature enabling you to provide your family members with expense cards and monitor their expenses through the app. You can credit the cards and manage the spending of up to 10 cards from your account.

Are There Any Limitations on The Withdrawal Frequency Or Amount When Using The BlockDAG Card?

You can enjoy seamless and unlimited transactions with BlockDAG cards. The spending limit is set to $100,000 within 24 hours and $1 million monthly. Cashpoint withdrawals are limited to $2,000 per day.

What Banking Institutions Are You Working With for The Card?

We are working with top banking as a service provider to bring our crypto card to life.

How Are You Imagining Client Debit Cards Working Without KYC?

Clients can register and apply for the card after the presale. There are limits as explained before. To further unlock their limits they will have the option to complete KYC to gain access to more features and limits.

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