🌙Keynote 2

BlockDAG’s keynote 2, delivered from the Moon, strategically outlines the platform’s roadmap and key developments, affirming its commitment to technological advancements and operational transparency. From the release of the X1 miner app to global marketing strategies, BlockDAG is setting a new standard in blockchain technology.

Key updates include initiating regular dev releases that are accessible via the main BlockDAG website. These updates aim to keep the community abreast of the latest technological developments. The platform enhances the network's data integrity and structural robustness by implementing the DAG structure and the proof-of-work consensus mechanism.

Moreover, a significant highlight from the keynote video is adopting a low-code/no-code framework that empowers users to create, manage, and deploy applications with minimal coding efforts. While reducing the barriers to software development within BlockDAG’s ecosystem, the platform welcomes everyone worldwide to take advantage of its easy accessibility.

With the keynote 2 release, The X1 Miner app's beta version, the cornerstone of a technological leap, is also out in the market. After its rigorous testing phase, the beta version will be available for everyone to enhance their user experience with BlockDAG. This rapid rollout underscores BlockDAG’s commitment to ensuring its global user base can immediately benefit from its latest developments. Additionally, they haven’t forgotten the X10 miner. As of Moon Keynote, X10 is being market-tested by some key influencers.

By implementing Block and Transaction functionalities within BlockDAG Nodes, BlockDAG's team focuses entirely on the Blockchain explorer. Upcoming enhancements include Smart contract transactions, asset balances, and a token page.

Significantly, the project timeline also received massive attention during the keynote. The projected timeline for the mainnet launch has been revised from six to four months, reflecting the accelerated growth. The enthusiasm generated by the keynote video has led analysts to predict that daily sales could surge from $500k to $5M per day.

The keynote also teased upcoming innovations, including new payment methods and an imminent doxing video release—a strategy aimed at showcasing further insights into BlockDAG's operational strategies. For more in-depth exploration, head over to the BlockDAG Keynote 2 Video.

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