BlockDAG is a proof-of-work consensus mechanism that intends to reinvent the cryptosphere with its cutting-edge Directed Acyclic Graph structure. Unlike conventional blockchain technologies, BlockDAG prioritises security and champions an eco-conscious environment, paving the way for sustainable digital transformations.

BlockDAG differs from its successors based on its exceptional speed and efficiency. With the ability to achieve 10 blocks per second, BlockDAG is not just keeping the pace but setting the bar higher, aiming to achieve beyond 100+ blocks per second.

BlockDAG’s layer 1 technology provides users access to smart contracts, secure mining, and optimized performance. In addition, BlockDAG’s cryptographic algorithms stand against potential threats, safeguarding transactions and showcasing hashing efficiency that outshines traditional systems like SHA 256.

Why BlockDAG?

BlockDAG is one of its types that deals with layer 1 blockchain technology, allowing scalable thorough output and high confirmation speed. With the robust DAG protocol, BlockDAG doesn’t experience orphan blocks during transactions to its ledger without compromising security.

The BlockDAG model's simplicity makes it user-friendly and provides multiple layers of security that other Proof of Stake coins cannot claim. BlockDAG’s holistic approach allows parallel processing of transactions, increasing transparency compared to traditional linear models. It is a whole ecosystem of decentralized solutions with higher-level development like Solana, BNB Ripple, etc.

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