What Determines The BlockDAG Price?

Various factors determine the value of a cryptocurrency, such as supply, market demand, availability, adoption, and liquidity, to name a few, along with investor sentiment.

What Will The Price Be From Batch 1 to Batch 45 of The Presale, And How Will These Be Timed?

The batch 1 presale price was $0.001, proceeding to batch 2 with the price of $ 0.0015, and it will increase per batch gradually. Batch 3+ details will be shared on the official BlockDAG website accordingly. However, BlockDAG's pricing is influenced by user interest and engagement within the project, reflecting a dynamic approach that aligns with community demand and adoption.

Will I Receive An Invoice for My BlockDAG Miner Purchase?

Yes, all hardware purchases will include an invoice sent along with the shipments. Also, users will receive confirmation receipts in their emails, enhancing transparency in transaction processes.

How to See Coins Purchased?

In order to see the coins purchased, please connect the wallet you used for your coin purchase to our website. Once connected, navigate to the "Coin Balance" tab to view your coins.

Here is the link to our website: https://blockdag.network/

Your BDAG coins will be accessible to you only after the presale.

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