💰 BlockDAG Coin Vesting

Disclaimer: BlockDAG is supported by $100M in liquidity at launch and is backed by top-tier market makers and exchanges, ensuring sustained stability and growth of the platform.

Why Vesting Period?

Long-Term Growth Focus: BlockDAG is pleased to introduce the vesting period for the coins users acquire during the presale period to align investors’ interests with the project's success and growth. This vesting period is due to the efforts made by the team to guarantee a sustained commitment to the project’s development over time.

Enhancing Trust & Confidence: Following the community feedback, BlockDAG has decided to introduce this period for presale coin holders. This step is a crucial element of our transparency and fairness. It ensures our project integrity and helps build trust and confidence among community members.

Promoting Active Participation: We are confident in our project's ability to transform the industry and want our community to benefit from its success. By introducing a vesting period for presale participants, we allow them to gradually access their coins as the project reaches critical milestones, guaranteeing mutual benefits for everyone.

Ensuring Project Stability: To maintain stability and minimise market fluctuations, we are introducing a vesting period for presale coin holders, complemented by a $100 million liquidity provision. This approach not only protects the value of the coins but also shows our dedication to responsible distribution.

Promoting Fairness and Equality: At BlockDAG, we are committed to giving every investor an equal chance to succeed. By implementing a vesting period for presale participants, we guarantee that every investor has the same opportunity to benefit from the project's success.

BlockDAG’s Coin Vesting-Is it Necessary?

A vesting period is a strategic framework to enhance our project's stability and long-term viability. It aligns investor interests with the broader goals of the initiative. Through the phase distribution of coins over a predetermined timeline, this mechanism encourages long-term commitment among investors, who are incentivized to remain engaged over an extended period rather than seeking short-term gains.

Additionally, the gradual release of coins helps stabilize tokenomics by preventing market disruptions due to sudden influxes, thus supporting stable pricing and a predictable market environment. This approach ensures that investor goals are harmonized with the long-term strategic plans of the project, which is crucial for achieving lasting success and scalability. By adopting these practices, BlockDAG is committed to encouraging an investment environment that emphasizes the long-term value creation and strategic growth.

Mitigate Market Volatility: By staggering the release of coins and injecting $100 million in liquidity, we aim to dampen sudden market fluctuations. This strategic liquidity provision creates a stable trading environment, safeguarding against sharp price volatility that can deter new investments and disturb existing stakeholders.

Enhance Project Integrity: Introducing a vesting schedule underscores our dedication to ethical practices and equitable treatment of all stakeholders. This measure demonstrates our commitment to responsible coin distribution and reassures investors of our adherence to fairness and transparency.

Community Engagement and Transparency: Understanding how essential our community is to the success of our project, we commit to keeping communication open. Keeping you informed and involved is paramount, as we believe that a vesting period implementation is a significant step towards laying a robust foundation for our project’s future growth.

This approach ensures that investor goals are aligned with the long-term strategic plans of the project, which is essential for achieving lasting success and scalability. By adopting these practices, we prioritize creating long-term value creation and strategic growth in our investment environment.

Team Allocation

We have allocated 1.5 billion coins to our dedicated team members, which will be securely locked for 36 months. During this period, the team's coins will be inaccessible, ensuring they cannot be sold or transferred.

This strategic lock-up is designed to secure a sustained commitment from our team, fostering long-term alignment with the vision and objectives of BlockDAG. This measure solidifies our commitment to the project's success, building investors’ trust through our dedication to its long-term goals.

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