BlockDAG Coin (BDAG) stands out with a total supply of 150 billion coins, underscoring its rarity and commitment to maintaining value. At BlockDAG Network, we've implemented a halving event every 12 months, further solidifying our commitment to maintaining scarcity and value. Setting a limit on our coin supply helps us manage growth responsibly, avoid excessive inflation and create a stable environment for our community.

Max Supply: 150,000,000,000

BlockDAG, much like Bitcoin, is designed to maintain a robust ecosystem by implementing a cap on the total coin supply. Doing so creates a controlled environment that effectively negates the risk of unchecked inflation and ensures a stable and predictable landscape for users and investors.

This deliberate approach to regulating the availability of coins within the BlockDAG network will instil users' confidence in its long-term viability and sustainability.

Presale Allocation: 33%

Out of the total, 50 billion coins (33%) are set aside for presale. This phase allows early backers to support our project at special rates, focusing on strategic marketing to boost BlockDAG's presence and engagement in the cryptocurrency market.

Community Allocation: 98.5 Billion (66%)

Miners: 80%

Miners' contributions are important to secure and validate the platform's environment. The allocation of 78.8 billion coins to miners ensures the integrity and reliability of BlockDAG’s operations. Through this allocation, the early miners will be rewarded, and it will also serve as an incentive for future miners to participate actively in maintaining the network’s security.

Community Building: 15%

To foster a vibrant community ecosystem, BlockDAG commits 14.8 billion coins or 15% of Community Coins billion coins towards community-building initiatives. With these funds, BlockDAG will introduce various learning programs to educate and engage community members.

It will offer multiple courses and programs to train miners and newcomers to take their first step in the crypto landscape. With events like hackathons, seminars, and conferences, BlockDAG ensures its engagement with community members to enhance the platform’s environment.

Liquidity Pool: 5%

BlockDAG ensures the smooth trading of BDAG coins to improve the overall health of its ecosystem. With this in mind, BlockDAG has allocated 4.9 billion coins or 5% BDAG coins to its dedicated liquidity pool. With the help of this pool, BlockDAG will experience minimized price volatility by providing a sufficient amount of coins to traders and stakeholders.

Team: 1%

With these funds locked, we've reserved 1.5 billion coins (1%) for our dedicated team. This approach ensures our team's goals align with BlockDAG's long-term success and encourages their ongoing contribution to its growth and well-being. It reflects our commitment to fairness and transparency in our project.

You can get started with BDAG Coins here: https://blockdag.network/tokenomics.

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