💳BlockDAG Crypto Card

BlockDAG has taken a significant step in the crypto space with the launch of its BlockDAG Payment Card, offering users a secure and convenient means of managing transactions globally. This innovative payment card is seamlessly integrated within the BlockDAG ecosystem, allowing users to utilize their digital assets for everyday transactions.

The BlockDAG payment card securely holds various digital currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other supported tokens, allowing users to swiftly and efficiently convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currency at very low exchange rates, ensuring a flawless experience.

With the versatility of the BlockDAG payment card, users can easily engage in online transactions like ATM withdrawals and make purchases at traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

BlockDAG has held security and safety paramount to developing the users' trust in the BlockDAG network. With cutting-edge technology, the card provides a robust layer of protection against potential threats, ensuring the integrity of their digital asset during transactions.

Features of BlockDAG Payment Card

The BlockDAG payment card is designed to enhance the financial interaction between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Let’s break down the features of the BlockDAG payment card and explore how it's beneficial for crypto enthusiasts:

Crypto to Fiat Transactions

The BlockDAG payment card allows users to utilise their cryptocurrencies for transactions, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDT, and other fiat currencies. This helps crypto enthusiasts use their digital assets for their daily expenses and transactions, bridging the gap between the real financial world and the crypto world.

Minimal Costs

With an economical fee and free-of-charge annual subscription, BlockDAG allows you to use its payment card with fees starting from 1% for deposits and transactions. Additionally, BlockDAG doesn't charge any cross-border transaction fee, so that users can utilize the platform for smooth international transactions.

Convenient & Versatile

Moreover, BlockDAG’s fast and effortless registration process allows users to get started quickly within only 10 minutes. It enables quick deposits for transactions while enhancing spending capabilities. The best part is that BlockDAG’s virtual card option lets you do instant transactions without knowing your KYC requirements.

Live Conversion Rates

Users can stay updated with the latest exchange rates, ensuring transparency in each transaction. With this secure and transparent BlockDAG payment card, you can ensure that your payments are safe and have no hidden costs. This feature is handy in a volatile cryptocurrency market where exchange rates fluctuate rapidly.

Worldwide Accessibility

The card eliminates cross-border transaction fees for international transfers while promoting smooth and cost-efficient global operations. This global approach allows users to manage their funds and expenses worldwide without worrying about additional costs.

Get Started With BlockDAG Payment Card

Once the presale ends, register yourself for your BlockDAG payment card and fill in all the applicant details it requires. It includes your personal information like name, ID, address, etc.

Deposit your funds in the BlockDAG payment card, including Ethereum, Bitcoin USDT, etc.

Start your transactions immediately without needing any KYC (know your customer) details.

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