🗜️Initial Developments Phase

Our journey is meticulously charted, balancing ambition with precision and innovation with reliability. This roadmap is not just a plan; it's a commitment to our community and a beacon for the future of decentralized finance.

1. Launch Phase

Presale And Setting Up The Foundation

  • Set and publicize the initial value of BDAG

  • Development and deployment of BDAG smart contract

  • Thorough auditing of the BDAG coin

  • Initiate targeted marketing campaigns to attract global investors.

2. Development Phase

Presale Growth and Marketing

  • Mainnet development & maintain presale momentum

  • Start development of BDAG-optimized hardware and app

  • Strategic partnerships with technologists for mining solutions

  • Perform detailed market research to stay ahead of trends

  • Regularly update the BDAG community

3. Prelaunch Phase

Presale Momentum and Mainnet Refinement

  • Secure continuous investments & upkeep presale drive

  • Dedicate efforts to mainnet development, extensive reliability test

  • Select early adopters for mainnet beta testing

  • collect constructive feedback

  • Set up a responsive tech support team for community assistance

  • Conduct online workshops and training sessions for miners

4. Final Phase

Closing Presale and Mainnet Launch

  • Conclude the presale and finalize the investment stage

  • Final adjustments to the main net for its official release

  • Prepare for broad-scale mining operations.

  • Release mining software, equipment, and user guides for post-launch mining.

  • Promote the availability of the BDAG mobile app.

With the new roadmap, it's evident that BlockDAG is poised to redefine the crypto world and introduce new bars to reach its competitors! You can head over to the updated roadmap for new secrets that BlockDAG is revealing:

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