📱Download X1 BETA App


Step 1: Follow the link from the website for the X1 Miner App.

Step 2: You'll be directed to the Test Flight Link. Download Test Flight.

Step 3: Accept the App and Download the X1 Miner Application.

Step 4: After approval, you will have access to the X1 Miner App.

For Android

Step 1: Follow the Wetransfer Link from the website for downloading the X1 Miner App.

Step 2: The link will redirect you to the application.

Step 3: Install the app and start mining!

How to Use the X1 Miner App

  1. Open the application and tap the ''SWIPE ME'' button.

  2. Continue with your phone number, google, Facebook or your wallet.

  3. Add your phone number and get your OTP.

  4. Verify the OTP and activate your X1 Miner App.

  5. You can use referral link to invite your friends, manage your digital assets and track your progress in the app.

  6. For any other queries, head over to the FAQ section of the X1 Miner App.

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