Main Dashboard Page

Fresh Updates

Upon entering the dashboard, users will see the latest trending news. These announcements will be prominently displayed so they can't miss anything important.

Current Rank

On the BDAG dashboard, users can check their ranks and the amount required to achieve the targeted ranks. Track the record of your performance and play your luck game wisely.


Users can make purchases, check their balances, and manage their miners directly from the dashboard through the defined wallets. This feature centralizes important financial information and transaction capabilities.

Leaderboard Review

On the right side of the wallet screen, users can see who has made the most purchases on the platform. This fosters competition and motivates the top performers as they gain prominent visibility.

Last Transaction Preview

This feature lets users quickly review their recent purchase transactions, including their status, stage, time, and amounts.

Referral Screen

On the referral screen, users can track the number of purchases made through their referral link and the bonus they have earned.

Leaderboard Page:

Users can see a list of the top 30 investors participating in the BlockDAG presale on the leaderboard page. Each investor's position would be determined by the number of coins they have purchased in USD. The leaderboard page is structured into distinct tiers, including crab, tortoise, fish, shark, and whale, representing different investment stages. These tiers are predefined on the specific ranges of purchase amounts. Here is the breakdown of these tiers and their ranges:

  • Crab: $0 - 99

  • Tortoise: $100 - 999

  • Fish: $1,000 - 9999

  • Shark: $10,000 - 49,999

  • Whale: $50,000 - ∞

Transactions Page:

Transactions > My Transactions

Users will get two options when tapping on the transactions page. By tapping My Transactions, users will get a comprehensive record of their transaction history. This will include all the data, including the specific amount of cryptocurrency purchased, the stage or phase of the purchase, and the currency used for the transaction. The platform accommodates various cryptocurrencies for purchasing, allowing users huge flexibility in their daily transactions. Here’s a list of supported cryptocurrencies:

  1. Ethereum

  2. BNB

  3. USDT (Eth Network)

  4. USDT (TRON Network)

  5. BTC

  6. KASPA

  7. DOGE

  8. SHIB


  10. XRP



  13. Cardano

Transactions > Live Transactions

In this section, users can observe real-time transactions occurring on the platform. Transactions are displayed in descending order based on the amount invested in USD. As in the leaderboard page, users are segmented into different tiers based on the amount invested in coins purchased. Ranging from Crabs to Whales, this page visualizes the users' purchasing activity levels.

Profile Page

Within the profile section, users can access personalized information and account settings. Users can get the following information on this page:

Current Rank: Users can easily check their current ranks within the platform’s hierarchy. This showcases their level and their competition concerning others on the platform.

Delivery Address Update: Users with miners associated with their accounts can easily update their delivery address anytime using this feature. The delivery address form dynamically adjusts its field based on the requirements of selected countries.

Security Measures: The platform has employed the wallet signature mechanism to ensure the security and integrity of address updates. After users fill out their forms, they undergo a secure validation process to protect their sensitive information and prevent unauthorized alterations to their delivery addresses.

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