💫Keynote Release

BlockDAG has just released its keynote video that has quickly caught the attention of many in the cryptocurrency world, marking a key milestone in its development. BlockDAG's success with its keynote can be clearly seen from its prominent display at Shibuya Crossing.

In an effort to boost its profile in the world of digital currency, BlockDAG smartly released its important video on a large billboard in this Tokyo hotspot. Shibuya Crossing is renowned for its bustling crowds and stands as a vibrant hub of activity recognized globally.

Choosing such a highly visible spot was a strategic decision, aimed at catching the eyes of as many people as possible. This move not only captured widespread attention but also ensured that the new cryptocurrency enjoyed high visibility and sparked significant interest.

Putting BlockDAG’s promotional video in Shibuya Crossing represents a novel and forward-thinking approach to marketing in the cryptocurrency industry. It puts this new crypto coin in the international spotlight in one of the most vibrant urban areas.

Leveraging Shibuya Crossing's exceptional visibility has boosted BlockDAG’s popularity and emphasized its goal to lead in blockchain innovation. The video itself, detailing a strategic plan worth $600 million, introducing groundbreaking products, and exploring various revenue avenues, has attracted global investors.

This powerful presentation has significantly fast-tracked the momentum of BlockDAG’s pre-sale phase, which has successfully gathered an impressive $3.5 million. Through these strategic marketing efforts, BlockDAG has clearly positioned itself as a pioneer, underlining its dedication to leading progress in the cryptocurrency field.

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